"7 Steps to Life" Description:

For over 10 years I have been using these 7 Steps to create a Guide / Contract for my life. Each of these Steps help me and hundreds of women craft a customized plan for their life. After completing each exercise, students will have a greater understanding of themselves AND the path they can take to LIVE INTENTIONALLY, FULLY ENGAGED!

This investment is perfect for the person not quite ready to invest in the FULL Life Course Journey but is interested in accessing the tools necessary to make the shift in their life that they desire.

Your Instructor

Robin May is a Licensed Therapist and Certified Life Coach. Robin specializes in creating safe spaces for driven women so that they can craft the life (and experience the love) they long for. To learn more about Robin and the work she does visit: www.robinmayonline.com.

(Note: By clicking "Enroll Now you are stating that you understand that this is a COACHING PROGRAM. While Robin is a licensed therapist, this is not a clinical program and she will not serve as your therapist. If you are experiencing distressing symptoms that are hindering your ability to function, please do not invest in this program without first checking with your mental health professional.)